Third weeks of School Life

Alright, life seems not that easy recent days, we have a singing competition tomorrow, and for this comp. we have been prepared singing since the first day we started our life at school.
ya it’s about 3 weeks times. we tried our best roaring out loud for it, like really hard. I even have a sore throat after these busy devil trainings.
I’ve been complaint to my family about how school should have considered us as a freshman. If they want us to be prepared for course studies, shouldn’t they think that it’s gonna be a hash for us to sleep for such a  short period, wake up like 5.30 before dawn , and attend the class from moring 8 o’clock to 5-6 in the evening, and then keep practice singing until the lastest 10 o’clock.
And wait, it’s not the end yet, we still have something esle to do. we have our late night cleaning at our dometory, by the time we could got ourselves clean it would be  probably somewhere around 10:30-11.30 pm.
This is my life.
This is how my life goes.
Busy like I used to say.